The NEW Bristow's Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll Single Pass Rape Seeding System

Farmer's needs are changing, new techniques are required in order to save costs and as importantly protect and care for the soil structure.
The Subsoiler One Pass System is well tried and tested for low cost establishment, but at present the condition the rape is sown under are a long way from ideal especially in wet and very dry conditions. In most cases the roll or press rings behind the subsoiler do very little to fill the open slot that is made with the subsoil leg, therefore, the ground is not evenly consolidated to ensure the transmitting of water, air and nutrients essential for promoting plant growth. The open slot allows seed to be placed too deep and any seeds attached to the sides of the slot can dry out and die or the root development will be greatly impaired, also, the open spaces promote slug movement. It is beneficial to till the soil directly behind the Subsoil leg to consolidate and fill the slot evenly to provide the seed with the best possible soil contact. Bristow's Split Level Subsoiler Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll combination addresses these needs with its three operations. Firstly the front leading tines separate a shallow layer of top soil. Secondly the subsoiler legs follow directly in line, deeply loosening and lifting the soil. Finally at least three rows of the Tiller Rolls closely spaced teeth cultivate, mix and consolidate directly over all disturbed soil filling in each slot. This allows the rape plant to draw the necessary water, air and nutrients to promote growth. Ideally for better grass weed control the Tiller Roll leaves the soil between the subsoiler legs lightly disturbed.

Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll Single Pass Rape Seeding System