About Us

Our Mission

To constantly design and develop the Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll to provide many different applications to operate in an environmentally friendly way to conserve energy and costs for the future of farming.

To work closely with farmers with new designs and ideas to encourage new establishment methods with an emphasis on maintaining a well structured soil by providing machines to obtain the best possible results from a single pass.

Our Vision

To see The Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll working as a single pass machine seeding all types of crops, also to see it fitted to the different types of cultivator trains to provide a more natural and kinder approach to cultivating the soil breaking it through its natural fissures.

Development History of the Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll

Period of development: March 1996 Four metre ridged. 1997 four metre folding. 2005 Three metre ridged. 2005-2006 new scraper design. Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll 2008.

Problems to overcome

Mr Bristow farms grade 3 land and experienced that it was impossible to achieve a good seed bed with conventional equipment in particular year 1994 was a dry year where huge clods were pulled up which took many passes to reduce to a size for further weathering to break down.

Available Equipment

Mr Bristow looked at what was available, looked at the action of the press rings, in wet conditions they would shear the clods but at the same time push them into the ground and in dry times where the clods were hard and dry they had no means of gripping or holding the clods. So what was happening the clods were moved sideways and downwards into the ground but not reducing the size which was not ideal, this was the same with heavy rolls and any roll design with a continuous ring.

Solving the problems

It was decided what was needed was teeth with severe point pressure to enter the clods and shatter them, also, the teeth needed to form tapering recesses and be very closely placed to avoid clods from being displaced, the recesses needed to be designed to be completely filled up allowing the unyielding ground pressure to further force the clods into the narrowing recesses. Crushing the clods inwardly.

Prototype Built 1996 Four metre Ridged

The first four-metre prototype called the Clod Crusher was built with rows of teeth with convex and concave edges facing alternate directions. The concept worked well and for the first time it was possible to produce a seed bed without waiting for the weather to break down the clods, it was found on sticky clay too much energy was required to relieve the profile.

Four Metre Folding built 1997 to overcome problems

The four metre folding machine was built with two rollers with different lengths of teeth, with particular attention paid to the convex and concave edges to facilitate with the scraper for the removal of material and reduce pulling power, this machine worked very well even at high speeds with high outputs leaving a well tillered consolidated soil structure with the fine tilth just beneath the even size small clods.

Realisations from trials 1997-2005

It soon became apparent that this concept would work in some moist soils although originally designed for dry clods. Further trials were done and the addition of a second scraper was fitted to keep the drum clean, whilst this worked in some wet soils some sticky soils caused the build up of a small layer on the drum causing a breaking effect, so it was decided to redesign the scrapers.

New Scraper design 2005-2006

A year on the drawing board looking at all the ways in which this could be done, the new design had to deal with trash, stones and all wet and dry soil types and be very strong which could be rigidly set with a simple quick one nut adjustment with a detachable Hardox 400 scraper with a very long life.

New Scraper design fitted 2006

The new scrapers were fitted to the four metre-folding machine.

Trials with new scraper four metre folding 2006-2008

The four metre-folding machine was worked on freshly cultivated land in different moisture conditions with straw and trash with no problems in some conditions doing a better job than in the dry.

Launch of the Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll 2008

Having successfully achieved the new scraper design to work in all conditions it was decided to re-name it, The Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll and launch it at Lamma 2009 offering Tiller Rolls to fit to customers Discs, Drags. Or Subsoilers for a superior one pass system for Rape establishment.

The first Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll Sold

Used to establish Rape as a one pass system

The First Tiller Roll was fitted to a neighbouring farmers Subsoiler in time for use in autumn 2008 which was a very wet one, the wet straw and soil provided the ultimate adverse conditions, the Tiller Roll produced very good results and worked well, some trash build up, looking at brochures of other designs of Rings and Rolls shows trash build up to be acceptable, but it was decided to eliminate the build up so the Scraper design was tweaked. At least it was fortunate to experience the absolute worst conditions to sow rape with the Single Pass Subsoiler System, it was very pleasing to see that in such unnatural adverse conditions the open slot behind the Subsoil leg was in ninety percent of the cases filled up and the soil tillered and levelled out giving a good uncompacted seed bed, all the rape has established, albeit drilled very late, some in the last week of September 2008.