Single Pass Establishment Cost Savings

Bristows Split Level Subsoiler Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll Combination oilseed rape single pass establishment cost savings, compared to traditional operations based on NAAC Contractors Rates.

Cultivations Cost per 100 acres Savings per 100 acres Savings per acre Savings on seed, slug pellets and increased yield per 100 acres Acres to recover cost of Bristows Split Level Subsoiler & Muliti-Tooth Tiller Roll combination.
Bristows Split Level subsoiler-Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll combination one pass + Roll £2195 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Plough+Press+power harrow+drill+roll £6815 £4620 £46.20 £7110 120 acres
Drag+power harrow+drill+roll. £5450 £3255 £32.55 £7110 135 acres
Heavy Disc+power harrow+drill+roll £4940 £2745 £27.45 £7110 142 acres
Tillage train+drill+roll £3720 £1525 £15.25 £7110 162 acres

Benefits and savings from fitting Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll to basic subsoiler.

Tiller roll rows of 20mm teeth closely spaced provides at least 3 rows of teeth cultivating the soil behind each subsoil leg filling in the slot lightly consolidating providing the all important seed bed for better root and stronger plant growth.

Savings from cultivating and filling in the subsoil slot, Savings based on 100 acres Savings per 100 acres Savings per acre
No loss of seed down the slot, better seed germination ,reduce seed rate by 0.8kg acre £960 £9.60
Stronger plant, increased yield potential 0.2 to 0.5 tonnes per acre
Example 0.2tons x100ac=20 tons x £280.= £5,600
£5600 £56.00
Savings on slug pellets and operations estimated on 100 acres £550 £5.50
Total savings £7110 £71.10

Benefits difficult to estimate savings from cultivating and filling in the subsoil slot:

Level surface better travelling for subsequent operations rolling, spraying, slug pellets

The Multi teeth help future black grass control by germinating the shallow seeds which are easily eradicated

Improved soil structure and better drainage providing savings for future crops

Strong precise machine capable of working in all conditions with very little maintenance. The teeth depending on type of soil could have a working life expectancy of 40,000 acres plus.

The initial cost of the tiller roll combination can be offset by savings in the first 120 acres as seen from the above chart.

The Tiller Roll when fitted to your subsoiler could offer benefit savings of £7110.00 by cultivating and filling in the slot as illustated in the above chart could pay back capital costs within the first 100 acres