Farmers Impressed with the surprisingly unexpected results from the
Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll in less than ideal conditions.

Alistair Needham Receiving and collecting his 3.5Mtr Split Level Subsoiler Tiller Roll Combination, Alistair has been so kind to send us a video of his Tiller roll working on his land, see the video link on YouTube.

Alistair N 3.5Mtr Split Level subsoiler Multi Tooth Tiller Roll Alistair N 3.5Mtr Split Level subsoiler Multi Tooth Tiller Roll Alistair N 3.5Mtr Split Level subsoiler Multi Tooth Tiller Roll

George Playne of Aswarby Estates receiving 2no 3.5mtr Split Level Subsoiler Tiller Roll combination machines. Seeding in excess of 1000acres in chopped wet straw. See video link on YouTube (Tiller Roll working in chopped straw)

George P 3.5Mtr Split Level subsoiler Multi Tooth Tiller Roll George P 3.5Mtr Split Level subsoiler Multi Tooth Tiller Roll

Dean and Ryan Wesley from Lincolnshire compare the Bristow's Split Level Subsoiler Multi Tooth Tiller Roll Combination with their Subsoiler DD ring packer.

Dean wesley compares his subsoiler with DD rings to the Bristow's tiller roll Dean wesley compares his subsoiler with DD rings to the Bristow's tiller roll
Dean a farmer and agricultural contractor of many years experience has been trying different subsoiler methods to establish his Rape for some years using one with discs and razor rings and this year traded it in for a DD ring packer subsoiler. He was aware of the Tiller Roll Combination but still thought the DD rings would do the job for him, still not happy with a cloddy unlevelled surface, whilst walking fields with his agronomist he discussed the surface finish of the land, the agronomist had seen fields of Rape sown with the Tiller Roll combination and noticed how level and well consolidated they were. This prompted Dean to arrange for the comparison site. Ryan worked about a Hectare strip of land on their chosen site with their Subsoiler DD ring packer they had made some improvements to the legs to help avoid lifting out large clods.
Ryan collected the Tiller Roll Combination from Mr Bristow's Farm.
Both Ryan and his father Dean Wesley along with their worker met Mr Bristow on the site. Ryan with the Tiller Roll Combination worked the land along the side of the working previously done with their Subsoiler DD ring packer to compare the results. Both Dean and his workman saw straight away the outstanding difference the Tiller Roll Combination was Cultivating, levelling and filling in the subsoil slot. Dean remarked what a difference, it is like chalk and cheese it is so level no big clods, no voids absolutely perfect I would not have believed it if I had not seen it for myself.
Dean's workman explained that when he was sowing Rape with their subsoiler DD ring packer it was leaving it too rough so they made some changes to the legs which improved it, but he was still not happy with the results but could not improve it. Dean explained, it is important to us to leave a level finish to our Rape fields, being a Rape swathing contractor you soon notice how rough travelling breaks your machine causing unnecessary down time.
Photographs were taken on the day of the comparison and some weeks later showing the difference. There were still clods and open voids in the unlevelled soil structure where the DD packer had been after several weeks.
Dean a big believer of DD rings was so impressed with the Tiller Roll Combination, he is more than happy for people to ring him for a chat about the years of using different types of machines to establish Rape and finally finding the perfect machine manufactured on his door step to very high specifications."
Please ring Dean Wesley Mobile No 07860599146.
Bristow's Subsoiler Tiller Roll combination verses DD Rings by Dean and Ryan Wesley PART 1 & 2

Dean and Ryan Wesley receiving their 3.5Mtr Split Level Subsoiler Tiller Roll Combination, making their decision after comparing the Tiller Roll combination with the DD rings last autumn 2011, see their testimonial on video clip.

Dean Ryan 3.5Mtr Split Level subsoiler Multi Tooth Tiller Roll

Jim & Lou Thorpe - Holbeach

In all our 58 years of farming we have never had such good Rape crops in the autumn.

Jim & Lou receiving split-level subsoiler Tiller Roll Combination
Jim $ Lou receiving split-level subsoiler Tiller Roll Combination
Lou & Jim Thorpe's rape fields

Lou & Jim_Thorpe rape fields drilled with the Bristow's split-level subsoiler Tiller Roll Combination
Neighbouring field planted before Jim & Lou's rape fields
Neighbouring fields planted before Jim & Lou's rape fields
"We purchased a three leg subsoiler during 2010 and used it that season for cultivating our land and were not that pleased with the results. We normally cultivate our land in the conventional way and drill our rape crops and have struggled to get Rape established especially in wet or dry conditions in particularly during 2010 it was difficult to plant our Rape at the optimum time, our plants were very small going into winter, the yields suffered from this set back.
We received a leaflet from Mr Bristow and we liked the look of the Tiller Roll Combination and the principle of the one pass Rape establishment.
We arranged to visit Mr Bristow at his farm to look at the Multi tooth Tiller Roll Combination and his Rape fields, we were really impressed and soon realized not only with this machine could we put Rape in at our chosen time, but could also use it to cultivate our wheat land, so we ordered one with extra front leading tines.
The dry year this year would have normally been a major concern to us in previous years but this time were looking forward to sowing our Rape.
The Rape variety we chose was DK Cabinet sown at 3.5kg per hectare.
We started sowing our rape the 20th August 2011 with our 145hp Case 1455 tractor and were pleasantly surprised how easy the three meter 4 leg Tiller Roll Combination pulled at a depth of about 10", we covered some 30acres in a day. The dry conditions allowed us to roll directly behind the Tiller Roll conserving all the moisture.
Mr Bristow came out to look at our Rape crops to take some pictures, we looked at all our fields and dug down to observe the soil structure it was lightly consolidated with no open air pockets the tap roots were thick straight down with no change of direction, showing no loss of moisture and good soil contact which explains why within six weeks our tap roots were 14" plus with good even top canopy across the field. Mr Bristow noticed other rape crops down the same road were patchy and not as far on as ours, and ask when these were sown, I advised him that they were sown within the same period as ours, I took him to see a neighbours' field close to ours which was sown before, and the rape in our field was at least five times larger and very even across the field.
We are absolutely delighted with our Rape establishment in our fields never in all our 58 years of farming have we ever had such good Rape crops in the autumn with such an easy worry free way to establish. Its really hard to believe that the Bristow's machine has made this difference its only when we look at our neighbours' fields that we can appreciate how much further on our Rape crops are. In all our years of farming we have never bought a machine so versatile and such a pleasure to use, which has produced such immediate results where you can actually compare, and with a bonus that will give us savings in both time and costs which will pay for the machine in a short period.
Credit due to Mr Bristow for inventing such a simple effective machine I would recommend this machine to any farmer who is looking for a machine which has been designed to guarantee a Rape crop is sown in perfect conditions with the one pass system We are so pleased with this machine and would like to offer our telephone numbers so that any other interested farmers can get in touch with us to discuss the benefits we have found."
Ring Lou Thorpe on 07534166006 or 01406540267.

Chilton Home Farms and JH Seed & Son, Buckinghamshire

Mark Woodin and Roger Seed receiving split-level subsoiler Tiller Roll Combination
Mark Woodin and Roger Seed receiving split-level subsoiler Tiller Roll Combination
Oilseed rape at Chilton Home Farm's

Oilseed rape at Chilton Home Farm's
A typical example of Chilton Home Farm's rape tap root growth.
A typical example of Chilton Home Farm's rape tap root growth
"Both of our businesses have established rape conventionally on Buckinghamshire heavy clays using a succession of cultivation passes typically including discs & press, a subsoiler and power harrow combination. However this approach has become increasingly expensive and time consuming, and the loss of moisture in dry years has led to the occasional crop failure. What we have been looking for is a system that can reliably improve our autumn rape establishment whilst also reducing costs and buying some valuable time.
Tooling up with a single-pass subsoiler cultivator and 300hp to solve the problem looked prohibitively expensive and individually neither business was prepared to go down this route given the acreage of rape planted each year. However, with a combined rape area of 140 hectares the joint purchase of a Bristow split-level subsoiler and tiller-roll looked to provide a realistic solution. Each business has purchased half the machine and we share the wearing costs according to the acreage worked on each farm. This has proved a great way for each business to access the right equipment in an affordable way without the need to enter into a formal partnership or contracting arrangement.
There were three points that really stood out when we first looked at the machine, the toothed tiller-roll which looked capable of breaking down stubborn clods that we struggle to deal with using existing tackle, the use of tines rather than discs which should cut smearing and blockages in damp conditions, and the reduced horsepower requirement.
Completely changing our approach hasn't come without some soul searching but Peter Bristow's commitment to the machine, his rigorous attention to quality and detail, and the opportunity to see field scale results allayed many of our concerns.
We bought a 3m machine and fitted a Techneat seeder to it, and this was pulled behind a Magnum MX240 and John Deere 7710. Work rates were good and we regularly achieved 4 acres or more per hour.
We are only in our first season but the results look very encouraging. Even on our heaviest soil the leading tines dramatically reduced boiling up of the ground around the main legs, and the tiller-roll appears to have coped admirably in both dry and damp conditions. Most noticeably it has prevented a lot of the finer tilth from being lost below larger clods, an effect we typically get with the power harrow. Going into the winter we have a plant population that is near ideal and consistent across the entire acreage, and we are also seeing a substantial tap root develop which bodes well for next spring.
There is no doubt that we have seen a considerable reduction in our establishment costs, with fuel savings alone estimated at around 55 ltr/ha or £39/ha. We also reckon to have saved over 1 hour of labour per hectare, equating to some 150 hours across the entire rape area. This has not only meant a reduction in total labour costs but also more timely autumn work being carried out elsewhere on each farm. Taking into account other cost savings we believe the machine will pay for itself within 3 years.
Peter has developed a truly unique machine with considerable advantages over more obvious alternatives and we would strongly recommend the machine to anyone."
Mark Woodin, Chilton Home Farms Limited
Jonathan and Roger Seed, JH Seed & Son. Call on 07747 616 827.

Duncan Siddans, Caythorpe, Lincolnshire.

Duncan and Andrew Siddans are surprised and very impressed with their Bristow's Split Level Subsoiler Multi Tooth Tiller Roll Combination, having now experienced first hand what an outstanding difference to the Rape establishment it makes when you cultivate and fill in the subsoil slots.

Duncan Siddans very pleased with his rape.
Duncan siddans really pleased with his rape drilled with Bristow's subsoiler tiller roll combination
Duncan Siddans shows long rape tap roots.
Duncan Siddans shows long rape tap roots. Drilled with the Bristow's split-level subsoiler Tiller Roll Combination
Duncan Siddans is pleased with his root development.
Duncan Siddans really pleased with his rape. Drilled with Bristow's subsoiler tiller roll combination
We first saw the Bristow's Split Level Subsoiler Tiller Roll combination at Lamma and were very impressed both with the design build of the machine and the pictures of the Rape establishment they were showing on the stand. During the spring my brother Andrew and I visited Mr Bristows farm where we experienced for ourselves the outstanding results that the Tiller Roll Combination had produced.
After careful consideration whether or not to fit the Tiller Roll to our own subsoiler we decided to purchase the Split Level Subsoiler Tiller Roll Combination as we were able to physically see and appreciate the outstanding difference from Mr Bristow's Rape to his neighbours' fields sown on the same day as illustrated on his web site, this was evidence and proof that this was the best way to establish Rape.
We were delighted with the build quality of the machine. When we started using the machine we were really impressed with how easy it was to pull, much easier than our previous subsoiler and so simple to set up. The action of the Tiller Roll was surprisingly unique in the way it cultivated, levelled and filled in the subsoil slots just in the way Mr Bristow had explained. We are so pleased with the ease of the establishment and the significant cost savings we are making plus we can now plant our Rape when we decide and not as previous years when the weather allowed us.
We could not help noticing how well our Rape has established compared to one of our neighbours' fields which were planted the same day with the subsoil method. Although we had been able to physically see the results of the Rape between Mr Bristow's and his neighbours' fields, it was still hard to believe and understand how the Tiller Roll Combination could produce such an outstanding difference. We can now confirm having witnessed our Rape plant establishment that the Tiller Roll even in dry conditions by cultivating and filling in the subsoil slots have produced early vigorous growth with strong tap roots in excess of 300mm deep, it is now evident from what we have now experienced, it is vital that in dry conditions you need to fill in the slots to retain the moisture which will ensure the tap roots have soil contact, the difference can be as much as six times the growth.
We used the Tiller Roll Combination to work our wheat land, it saved a pass as it cultivated, levelled and broke down the land whilst subsoiling. We are looking forward to the spring when we want to sow some spring wheat with it.
Andrew and I are really pleased with the Tiller Rolls versatility and the fantastic results we have experienced and if you are looking for the best way to sow your rape we would recommend this machine.
If you would like to share some views with me Duncan Siddans give me a ring on 07715693938.

Tom Infield - Lincolnshire

"I first used the Tiller Roll eight years ago after breaking my Power Harrow on some very cloddy ground I asked if I could use Mr Bristow's Tiller Roll. I was very impressed with the job it did, much better than the Power Harrow, which would have taken at least four passes. The Tiller Roll gave a better overall seed bed in two passes and a significant time saving going from three metre Power Harrow to four metre Tiller Roll travelling three times faster with the same tractor. Since then I have followed the design and helped with trials. When he made the Tiller Roll run in all conditions and decided to start production I purchased one without hesitation, Mr Bristow fitted it to my Subsoiler I felt this was the most versatile approach as a one pass Rape establishment or I could pull it through cultivated land to create a seedbed. I used the Tiller Roll to establish my Rape last autumn in some really bad conditions (without the Tiller Roll I would not have been able to establish my Rape) it gave good results, level fine tilth for seed contact and no big voids which helps with slug control, the seed was spread in rows behind the Tiller Roll with a light harrow attached directly inline with the Subsoil leg."
Tom Infield.

James Sharpe - Lincolnshire

James Sharpe receiving his Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll fitted to his Subsoiler

James Sharpe taking Delivery of his Multi Tooth Tiller roll
"I normally work my land and drill my Rape the conventional way, however, because 2008 was exceptionally wet my last 30 acre field was too wet to cultivate, so early September I used the Bristow's Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll fitted to a V Form 4 leg Subsoiler fitted with a Seeder Unit and pulled with a JD150hp tractor. Conditions were bad and the soil was very wet with wet chopped straw on top. I was very impressed with how the Tiller Roll coped with these conditions, the soil lifted by the Subsoil legs was tilled and the slot opened by the Subsoil leg was completely filled in leaving a good level finish. The seed was spread after the roll with spring tines to lightly rake the seed in. Having seen this machine working on very heavy sticky land and the fact that the rape established perfectly I can see from the excellent results from the Tiller Roll I will be able to establish my Rape in wet or dry conditions and I will be cutting my establishment costs by at least 60% means that I have decided to order a Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll to be fitted to my Subsoiler for the next season."
James Sharpe.