Introducing the NEW BRISTOW'S Split-Level Subsoiler Multi Tooth Tiller Roll Combination

We are pround to annouce that our New Split Level Subsoiler is ready for sale. Yet again taking implement design even further with this new ground breaking design. Strong and effective construction incorporating front leading tines working at a shallow level separating a layer of top soil for the tiller roll to mix and cultivate leaving a desired depth of tilled soil to place the rape seed.

We have designed the Swing Lift Leg to swing back within its working depth, which differs considerably to the known shear bolt legs, which in most cases when the shear bolt breaks the point of the leg travels deeper before they swing back. In the case of the Swing Lift Leg it lifts and swings back within its working depth saving the point from breaking or lifting the machine.

The NEW BRISTOWS Split Level Subsoiler The NEW BRISTOWS Split Level Subsoiler