Retrofit Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll Services

James Sharpe receiving his Retrofitted Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll fitted to his Subsoiler

James Sharpe taking Delivery of his Multi Tooth Tiller roll no1

Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll Design

The Tiller Roll has a heavy thick drum to provide a means to fix an unusually large quantity of teeth with convex and concave edges which form very small acute tapering recesses, the rows of teeth around the drum have been arranged to provide between them in the axial direction a small gap of 52mm, where a strong precise scraper design with a simple one nut adjustment, and a replaceable hardox wear plate enters, which is set close to the drum to interact with the convex leading edge to facilitate the removal of material. The Tiller Roll design incorporates an adjustable link within a parallelogram to provide an exact depth control keeping the machine level and the scrapers at the same distant from the ground at all height settings.

The Award winning Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll The Award winning Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll The Award winning Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll The Award winning Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll

How the Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll Works and the benefits it brings to the environment

The Multi-Tooth Tiller roll is pulled over the ground and unlike all known machinery the clods enter and completely fill up the unusually small acute tapering recesses which restrict the clods from moving sideways, forward and rearwards, further forward motion and the weight of the rotor and the unyielding ground forces the clods tighter into the recesses mixing, tillering, levelling, crushing and stretching them internally in their natural weak fissures, further crushing and mixing occurs as the strong precise scrapers set low to the ground removes the tightly held material, which also helps prevent a build up of trash and facilitates a good level soil structure loosely consolidated with pore spaces and the upper surface fine tilth deposited under the small clods which is the perfect conditions for the seed to contact the soil to draw it's nutrients, water and energy to propagate it's root growth through the soil.

The Award winning Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll

How the Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll works when fitted to a Subsoiler as a one pass rape establishment system

As the attached Tiller Roll is pulled with the Subsoiler the loosened soil behind the Subsoil leg enters the acute tapering recesses which restricts the clods from moving sideways, forwards, rearwards, cultivating, mixing, crushing the clods internally ninety percent of the time filling the open slot, tillering and levelling only the area directly behind the leg, leaving the fine tilth just beneath the larger clods, the seed is spread in narrow bands directly in line with the legs and later rolled in the normal way.

The Award winning Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll The Award winning Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll The Award winning Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll

Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll takes single pass Subsoiler till seeding to new levels.

Tiller Roll provides a superior finish for maximum results from one pass system

Heavy multi teeth in most situations thoroughly till the entire area behind the Subsoiler leg filling and closing the open slot provides the following benefits:

Less area for slugs to travel

Firm, evenly consolidated well-structured soil to promote robust biological activity by readily accepting, storing and transmitting water, air gases, nutrients and energy.

Creates a superior seed bed in most situations the multi teeth create a surprisingly perfect surface finish whereby the tilled soil is separated and deposited under the small clods, perfect for soil to seed contact giving the seed perfect conditions to draw it's nutrients, water and energy to propagate it's root through the soil. The soil surface with the fine tilth beneath helps reduce soil crusting and capping.

Provides greater plant establishment, no wasted seeds dropping into the slot whereby they are vulnerable to slugs and drying out from lack of water transmitting in an open soil structure.

Provides better grass weed control, only works the soil behind the subsoiler leg, leaving a level well tilled soil surface for even chemical coverage.

The process of the Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll breaks the soil in its natural fissures, therefore, causing less damage to the soil structure providing better conditions for the following crops.

Needs for Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll

Farmer's needs are changing, new techniques are required in order to save costs and as importantly protect and care for the soil structure.
The Subsoiler One Pass System is well tried and tested for low cost establishment, but at present the condition the rape is sown under are a long way from ideal especially in wet and very dry conditions. In most cases the roll or press rings behind the subsoiler do very little to fill the open slot that is made with the subsoil leg, therefore, the ground is not evenly consolidated to ensure the transmitting of water, air and nutrients essential for promoting plant growth. The open slot allows seed to be placed too deep and any seeds attached to the sides of the slot can dry out and die or the root development will be greatly impaired, also, the open spaces promote slug movement. It is beneficial to till the soil directly behind the Subsoil leg to consolidate and fill the slot evenly to provide the seed with the best possible soil contact. Bristow's Split Level Subsoiler Multi-Tooth Tiller Roll combination addresses these needs with its three operations. Firstly the front leading tines separate a shallow layer of top soil. Secondly the subsoiler legs follow directly in line, deeply loosening and lifting the soil. Finally at least three rows of the Tiller Rolls closely spaced teeth cultivate, mix and consolidate directly over all disturbed soil filling in each slot. This allow the rape plant to draw the necessary water, air and nutrients to promote growth. Ideally for better grass weed control the Tiller Roll leaves the soil between the subsoiler legs lightly disturbed.